Topfeelpack Co., Ltd is a professional cosmetics packaging manufacture. We initiated the "cosmetics packaging solutions" concept to provide very high quality products and the "one-stop" packaging service.

Our factory is located in Dongguan and have the advanced R&D center. The advanced GMP workshop, injection molding workshop and blowing molding workshop can pass the branding customers’ audit and meet the advanced industry standards . Further more, We have in-house metallization, spray painting, silk screen printing and hot stamping line which can well meet clients’ special design and requirements. Our main Products include acrylic bottle, airless bottle, lotion bottle, dropper bottle, cream jar, plastic tube, sprayer, dispenser and paper box etc. Except the high quality cosmetic containers, Topfeelpack also can supply professional OEM/ODM service, We can design packaging, make new mould, supply perfect customized decorations, lables and the outside color boxes.By the total cosmetics packaging solutions to help highlight your brands, add the product’s value and save cost. Innovative packaging is Marketing ease.


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